Airmark™ is a newly developed line of air conditioning products designed to give you the competitive edge in today’s multi-family construction industry. Our products are designed and tested by experienced engineers with intense focus on the value of quick, seamless installations.

From the beginning, every Amana brand product has been made with the same core philosophy: to provide our customers with high-quality products that are reliable, meet their needs, and last longer than the rest. And we keep that philosophy firmly in mind as we build our industry-leading Amana brand Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) and air-conditioning and heating products.


At Aspen, everything’s right here: coils and air handlers with all the options you want, hassle-free warranties, short lead times, and competitive pricing.

Air Handlers

MAESTRO – AC & HP with NO OUTDOOR UNIT! It can be installed from inside the room and has no impact on the aesthetics of buildings. Its unique “splitless” and“windowless” application makes it the ideal comfort solution, providing year round comfort and whisper quiet operation, with a one of a kind Made in Italy stylish design.

Dolceclima – Portable AC & HP
Elegant. Functional. Efficient. With one of a kind Italian design…

With 25+ years’ experience in the Multi-family Residential Industry, Multi MFG integrates recommendations and ideas given by their Architects, Specifying Engineers and Mechanical Contractors into the design of their product. 

BUFFALO BOOTIES are an inexpensive and simple way to make that “Powerful First Impression”. Bigger. Tougher. Proudly manufactured in Canada and the #1 selling brand.