Celebrating 29 Years in Business!

Residential and Commercial Heating and Cooling

Get in touch with Cool Estate for information about top selling products in the commercial heating and air conditioning industry.

Manufacturers We Represent

Headquartered in Toronto, Cool Estate is a Master Distributor of premier residential and commercial HVAC/R equipment. In business for the past 29 years, we represent leading edge manufacturers with disruptive technologies. We only seek relationships with manufacturers possessing proprietary designs that surpass competitorsʼ existing equipment.

With a proven track record of performance, we set ourselves apart by investing in and partnering with our manufacturers. How? As stocking representatives, weʼre fully committed to each product line. Second, we engage in national advertising & marketing campaigns through various channels to create brand awareness. Third, we provide product knowledge training and sales support as an essential component of our formula for success.

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Bold. Innovative. Daring.

Our team offers expertise in many different areas, which is why Cool Estate knows how to fast track the introduction and growth of your brand. Weʼll do the heavy lifting and guarantee success to our manufacturer partners.

Brand Building

Along with national advertising & marketing campaigns, we participate in trade shows, educate consulting engineers, and conduct sales and technical seminars.

Markets Served

We cover both the residential and commercial HVAC markets. Our residential product portfolio (both over-the-counter & RNC) is sold mainly to wholesalers across the country ensuring complete geographical coverage.

With our commercial product lines, we aggressively work with consulting engineers to get our products specified. Our vast experience with engineering sales, architects, and mechanical contractors is key to our commercial productsʼ successes. Markets include Multi-Family, Hospitality, and LTC (long-term care facilities).

OEM Business Development

From qualifying standards and product approvals to the initial launch date, a specific set of strategies is developed for each product line and customer to help it achieve its goals.

Selecting Wholesaler Partners

Identifying the right wholesalers for a particular product line is critical to itʼs success. We then provide training to the technical, sales, and counter staff. We know that the best results come from maintaining strong relationships with our existing customers.

Warehousing Strategy

With warehousing in Toronto (east) and Calgary (west), we provide national coverage. We help develop local warehousing strategies to determine inventory levels that are specifically suited for each product line.

Market & Competitive Feedback

We provide competitive feedback to our manufacturer partners to create the right product development strategy for the markets served.